Fertil land

Aquarelle, Encre pigmentée, Papier, 2023

46 x 55 cm

This young woman is a generalized image of a Ukrainian peasant deeply connected to the nourishing land. At the same time, she represents Ukraine itself, which generously shares the wealth of its land with the entire world. In the background, you can see an owl, symbolizing the sacred and mystical connection between humans and the earth. Ukraine, its history, and culture are fundamentally tied to agriculture.
Since ancient times, Ukrainian chernozems have been considered some of the most fertile in the world. Chernozem (“black earth”) is a type of soil rich in humus, potassium, phosphorus, and trace elements, making it highly fertile. In Ukraine, it covers about 60% of the territory and approximately 25% globally. Before the war, the country was the third-largest food supplier in Europe. Ukraine is also one of the world’s largest wheat producers, and many low- or middle-income countries, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, depend on importing its grains. At the very least, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has raised fears of a global food crisis.
Today, more than ever, it is important to protect this fertile land so that its gardens, fields, and vegetable patches are not destroyed. This way, it can continue to provide its wealth, as it always has.

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